Mazer and Smith

Together since 1984, Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith have merged their individual expertise to create a new sound and musical experience for contemporary instrumental music -- blending the electro acoustic concert grand harp and woodwinds. Both in composition and expression, their music offers a depth and richness that crosses boundaries of genres and expression.

Melodies are rich; rhythms are distinct; and the dialogue between them is enticing, challenging, and sophisticated. As a listener, you will hear a freshness in each listening, as they venture into new musical arenas in each performance and recording. Each CD is a journey into the musical and personal expressions of their dialogue as soloists and as musical collaborators.

Their live performances have awed audiences at major jazz and arts events, including the Peter Britt Festival, the Arts Festival of Atlanta, the UNR Performing Arts Series, and other well known music series.

More than two musicians, their combined sound is symphonic and rich in musical expression and sonority. In many recordings, they are joined by virtuoso percussionist and drummers such as Moyes Lucas, Rayford Griffin, Eric Middleton, Andy Heglund, and others -- adding still another rich musical element.

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